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Welcome to RUBYtube - where we stream a smorgasbord of trance deliciousness for your pleasure.

We might not be able to leave the house, but that doesn't mean we can't dance the night away to the best of trance. Over the course of the next few weeks, the team at Ruby Dance will be treating you to free streams of trance sets. Some of these are historical parties; some will be streamed live from an empty club, but with full production lighting and laser shows.

The historical events were recorded by Ruby for personal consumption and were never really intended to be used outside his loungeroom. But in these strange times, we thought that we would dust them off. The cameras are fixed in position, but they do give a sense of the excitement of the event. In most cases the crowd sounds are captured as well which just enhances the overall experience. Most events run between 6 and 9 hrs (it's the full experience). A recent historical event can be viewed here. A recent live event can be viewed here

From 1st June new events are streamed every Saturday night - live from 8pm at  or

Each event features your favourite DJs, with names listed against each event.

Saturday 6th June
  - Ruby Trance Volume Nine CD Launch Party held at the Midnight Shift Club in Sydney on 20th May 2011

Presenting our special guest Artist Emma Hewitt

Featuring DJs Justin Key, Ruby, and Stephen Simpson, vs Matt Bachl

Lasers by Paul Mazlin, Lighting by Nicholas Craven, Sound by Damon Hartley.  Visualisations by Daniel Marshall

Saturday 13th JunePassion, live from Club Fun

Featuring DJs Taras Huntley, Tim Langridge, and Ruby
Lasers by Lxie Diode and the Ruby team
Lighting by Joey
Vision by Phil

We hope you enjoy
Best wishes from The Ruby Team


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