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Welcome to RUBY tube - where we stream a smorgasbord of trance deliciousness for your pleasure.

In 2020, from 3rd April, we broadcast 35 separate streamed events, some pre-recorded, but many were streamed live from Club Fun.  We think that is quite an achievement and wish to thank everyone for supporting us.

In 2021 with the winding back of Covid restrictions, we plan to reduce the frequency of the events, doing just one event each month.  It will be broadcast on the first saturday of each month, commencing at 8pm.

As with our streams in 2020, each event will feature a number of DJs from our pool, each providing their own unique flavour of Uplifting and Vocal Trance.

The live events can be seen at

All the previous streams are stored on Vimeo and can be viewed via this link

We hope you enjoy
Best wishes from The Ruby Team



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