Ruby Trance Volume 7

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Ruby Trance Volume Seven [Double CD]

Welcome to Ruby Trance Volume Seven

Every year we present to you a collection of music which represents what we consider to be the cream of music available to us.  Each CD is often a mixture of old and new tracks, and is also a balance of vocal an instrumental.

In the last 6 months there has been a significant increase in the number of new tracks released, with many of them being sensational.

When it came to selecting music for the CD, it became very obvious that it was going to be very difficult to build a musical journey in one CD, and still provide you, our customer, with a mixture of vocals and instrumentals. 

The first track we signed was one that Ruby believes is the biggest track he has heard since he played ‘From the Past into the future” to an unsuspecting audience at Ruby Party 7 in 2003.  This track is by Svenson (of Svenson & Gielen fame) and is called Vida Nova.  It is this track, on its own, that made production of a single CD virtually impossible.” 

So, we decided to bring you a double CD, with CD 1 being more vocals, and CD2 being more instrumentals.  This also gave us the ability to develop the sound in the second CD up to the massive power required to match that of Vida Nova.

The Unknown was first released as a sampler in 2005, but its release for commercial use was delayed until late last year.

Starline has a great diving base line, and a choir in the middle that brings tears to your eyes.

Amsterdam has not lost any of its magic since Ruby debut’ it at Mardi Gras last year.

Paradise is sooo high it makes your head feel like its going to explode.

Delusion - this track has only just been released and is brilliant.

Floating World - is so dancey, and has so many layers to the music.

Vida Nova reminds us of Enya. It is heard here for the first time as an uncompressed master.  The quality of the production just shines through - you can hear the vocalists breathing!

Now we are free - The production levels in this track are astounding.  There’s an organ, there’s a choir, and combined with the rich operatic vocalist this is a spectacular way to finish our CD - the music does indeed set us free.


Product Image
Ruby Trance Volume Seven [Double CD]