Ruby Trance Volume 13

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Ruby Trance Volume 13 [Double CD]
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Ruby Trance Volume 13 [Audio Download]

Each year the music continues to change and evolve, and at times its hard to keep up with where its going. The Epic Trance genre has had an enormous boost to its appreciation through the massive American market which seems to have taken to it like a storm. This has seen the Abora label become one of the most prominent labels in under 2 years. The Principal has also taken a lot of the artists under his wing, and we now see artists who had retired, coming back. Andy Blueman is one such, but he doesn’t seem to have found his old rhythms yet - we live in hope.

As with ever year, we see new artists come and go. Simon O’Shine is well represented this year, although he is moving into lighter sounds. He has been replaced by another remarkable young artist who goes by the name New World. His symphonic sounds are extraordinary, producing sweeping acoustic vistas that have to be heard to be believed. On our short list for this album we had no less than 10 New World tracks or remixes. That says a lot about what we think if his music. In the end we chose two tracks to close the album. 2014 has also been a year with many vocals, and this is represented in our album, though a higher proportion of vocals than normal.

CD starts with 4Ever from Solarstone and moves through some wonderful vocals including Superlative by Robert Nickson & Ruben de Ronde, to the immensely popular “Lovers” featuring the silky male vocal Lemon. This track has a brilliant energy change in the latter half of the track; it will have you singing and dancing before you realise. Nova 7 picks up the energy; Your Love is just that little bit harder, and then we start to bring you down a bit with the simply lovely “Afterclouds”. The CD finishes with a great Matt Bukovski remix of Will Holland’s Every Heartbeat..

CD2 kicks off with Jorn van Deyhovens latest offering “The End of Everything” sung by Sarah Lynn. A great way to start the CD. Mumbai by Sunset has this brilliant bass line which gets us up and dancing every time. This is followed by some great vocals in Aly & Fila’s For All Time; followed by Northern Lights, and then Alive with Christine Novelli.. Contact by Rene Ablaze builds the energy through to the peak track of Angel of Hope by Martin Libsen. Dreamcatcher is a bit of a harder gear change to bring us back, and finally we pass into the two closing tracks by the remarkable artist, New World. Nothing to Fear was Ruby’s favourite track for much of the year: listen to be beautiful rolling melody which flows underneath – exquisite!! Hope At Dawn, our closing track, is the quintessential track. It is so big and majestic; it has so much going on in it, so that when it finishes, you are left empty with all your emotions drained – there is nothing left to express.

Our thanks go to the many people who give tirelessly of their time to help with our events and what we do. These include Anissa, Damon, Daniel S, Joal & Geoff, Kurt S, Moleshall, Motherbird, Shane & Jacob, Talon, Tim H and others. A very special thanks to Kirby (Zane) for his assistance with track selection and mixing. We had more than 19 hrs of music this year that had to be whittled down. And finally, thanks to the ever patient Zac, for putting up with us.

We are very proud to present Ruby Trance Volume Thirteen.

1 1 4Ever Solarstone Pure Retouch, original Mix
1 2 Superlative Robert Nickson & Ruben De Ronde Jo Micali Remix
1 3 The Most Important Thing Ferry Tayle, Sarah Shields, Ludovic H Original Mix
1 4 Meaningless Road Aivem vs. Vilmo and Justina Adeikyte Six Senses remix
1 5 You May Love Simon O'Shine feat Eskova Original Mix
1 6 Lovers feat Lemon Solarstone Pure Mix
1 7 U feat. Bo Bruce Gareth Emery Pure Bryan Kearney Remix
1 8 Carry Me Away Sunset & Diana Leah Original Mix
1 9 Your Love feat. Aleyn DJ Feel Bjorn Akesson Remix
1 10 Nova 7 Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Alan Morris Remix
1 11 Lost Soul Nomosk & Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli Daniel Kandi Remix
1 12 Afterclouds
Southern Fraiz feat. Irena Love
Simon O'Shine Vocal Remix
1 13 Every Heartbeat Will Holland feat. Jezza
Matt Bukovski Remix
2 1 The End Of Every Journey Sarah Lynn Jorn Van Deynhoven Extended Vocal Mix
2 2 Breath of Life Mhammed El Alami & Illitheas & Johannes Fischer Original Mix
2 3 Sophia Dart Rayne Original Mix
2 4 Mumbai Sunset Angel Ace Remix
2 5 For All Time Aly & Filla with Jaren Extended Mix
2 6 Northern Lights Tucandeo & Esmee Bor Stotijn Matt Bukovski Remix
2 7 Alive Delta-S feat. Christina Novelli Philippe El Sisi Remix
2 8 Contact Rene Ablaze & AxelPolo Angel Ace Remix
2 9 Angel of Hope Martin Libsen Etasonic Remix
2 10 Dreamcatcher Kukuzenko Ferrin & Morris Remix
2 11 Sagarmatha Kago Pengchi & Alexan  Philippe El Sisi Remix
2 12 Nothing To Fear Blue Silence & Matt Chowski New Worl Remix
2 13 Hope At Dawn Receptive & New World Original Mix
Product Image
Ruby Trance Volume 13 [Double CD]
Product Image
Ruby Trance Volume 13 [Audio Download]