Ruby Trance Volume 12

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Ruby Trance Volume 12 [Double CD]
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Ruby Trance Volume 12 [Audio Download]

Welcome to this year’s offering of what we consider to be the best uplifting and vocal Trance.

This year we had over 140 tracks on the short list, so it was a very difficult task to whittle them down. It’s always a shame that some tracks are just sooo good, but then another comes along and the track that you thought was sooo good gets set aside in favour of something better. In many ways it is a great a shame, and for years our friends have suggested that we should do a “cutting room floor” album. Perhaps one day!

The continued evolution of Trance has seen the spawning of a new sub-genre called Epic Trance. We have been using that expression for some time to describe the works of Andy Blueman, Simon O’Shine, Kelly Andrew and others, simply because of the majesty and proportion of the sounds they produce. In the commercial market Epic Trance seems to be being used to describe the faster style of Trance (like that which we play) which runs at around 138 to 140 beats per minute. The conventional Trance genre seems to have gathered Trance in the 128 to 130 beats per minute area.

It is interesting how fads come and go: last year it was the pitch bend, where almost every track had one: it’s nice in one track, but becomes very wearing in every track. Breakdowns (or drops as we call them, because the energy drops away) have snuck their way into every track over the last few years (10 years ago 1 in 3 tracks would have a drop). The fad this year seems to be (a) how many drops can you squeeze into a track (we have seen up to 4); or (b) how long can you make the drop. Sadly, this often leaves little to dance to, and as our albums are Dance Music (not music to rest by) many otherwise stunning tracks have been set aside. Lets hope this fad disappears soon.

Each year there are many tracks of merit, and this year is no exception:

  • Jorn van Deyhoven has elevated himself to star status, by producing our peak track two years in a row.Black Hole, the latest mix from his stable, is sensational
  • After Rain by the Estonian artists OBM Notion and Airzoom is remarkable.You need to listen to this track many times.Each time you do, you will hear more sounds.A truly brilliant piece of music.
  • The Instrumental mix of The Legends of Trance by Shaker has, to our knowledge, not been commercially released, so we are extremely lucky to be able to present it to you (with special thanks to Dale Corderoy)
  • Tesla by Matt Bukovski is simply storming.Matt had 3 tracks on our short list this year, but this one just excelled.
  • Ruby Trance Volume Twelve represents the first commercial release of the extended mix of Right Through Me by Aneym and Ferrin & Morris.
  • Your Distant World by Simon O’Shine is a unique work by this artist, and not normally available for use on compilations.We had to seek special permission from the artist himself.Thankyou Simon for allowing us to close our Album with your special piece of music.

A special thanks to Zane (aka DJ Kirby) for his assistance in preparation of this Album, and also not forgetting Zac, for putting up with us (has has soooo much patience).


Finally, we leave you with the lyrics from Solarstone and Clare Stagg’s “Jewel”. These seem to capture the exquisite beauty and passion in this music


….. And I’ll hold us up

We will be the sky,

Captured in the light,

We could count the stars,

The jewels of your crown,

Hold them in my arms.


Do not be afraid,

I’ll beat inside you,

Your heart is my sound




Soar Like and Eagle


On the Wings of Our Music

Product Image
Ruby Trance Volume 12 [Double CD]
Product Image
Ruby Trance Volume 12 [Audio Download]