Ruby Trance Volume 1

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Ruby Trance Volume One [Single CD]

The concept of Ruby started with us trying to recreate musical journeys that we had experienced at the (now legendary) Day Shift parties at Sydney’s Midnight Shift Club. DJ’s at that time included Luke Leal and Lexie Bradfield.  We had no experience or sense of context about where this music fitted in, but we knew exactly what we liked, played lots of it, and were able to create the beginnings of a musical journey.

We were particularly inspired by the music of one duo known as The Space Brothers (and their numerous pseudonyms!).  Indeed, their music has featured heavily in the selections of music for our parties.

The Ruby dance music style concept was circulated amongst our friends, who said “This music is fantastic! You should have a dance party!”

 Our first dance party on 29th January 2000 was held at the Midnight Shift.  It featured the legendary DJ Luke Leal playing the main set.  This was the time of the big dance music anthems.  At the party he featured two new tracks: Chicanes “Don’t Give Up” and  Smudge & Smith’s “Near Me”.

Our second party in November that year was held at the Ice Box in Kings Cross.  It featured DJ’s Lexie Bradfield and Luke Leal.

We took a break whilst the Midnight Shift was renovated, then followed with our third party in May 2002 titled “Ruby on Cloud Nine”. This party solidified what “Ruby” music is all about, and the adoration for it held by so many people.

The “Ruby” style of music is known as ‘uplifting’ or ‘euphoric’ Trance.  It is music that takes you on a journey to “another time, another place”.  Our parties are a celebration of this style of music.  The music for the evening is carefully controlled in terms of its direction, mood, sequence & overall ‘journey’ - each DJ contributing to the overall experience, instead of “just doing their own thing”.

Now we have the privilege of bringing this extraordinary music to many more people with the release of “Ruby Dance 1”.

Our logo was developed using an Australian Eagle photographed in central Australia – the eagle soars high on the wind.  Our theme came from this, and says it all – "Ruby – Soar like and eagle   on the wings of our music”


This CD is dedicated to the Space Brothers, whose music has inspired us - and many others - like no other.

We are very proud to present Ruby Trance Volume One.

Product Image
Ruby Trance Volume One [Single CD]